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Loke (ロキ Roki?) is a flirtatious wizard who is regularly seen in the company of young women. His name is derived from the Norse god Loki.[13] He possesses a ring called Regulus (王の光(レグルス) Regurus?) with which he can conjure beams of light to attack. He is later revealed to be the celestial spirit Leo (レオ Reo?), who was exiled from the spirit world for inadvertently causing the death of his former owner, Karen Lilica, after he prevented her from summoning other spirits in to keep her from bullying his friend Aries, thus leaving Karen defenseless while on a mission. His guilt over Karen's death leads him to distance himself from Lucy, a celestial wizard. Having been unable to return to the spirit world for three years not only severely weakens his magic power, but also causes him to slowly fade away and die. It isn't until after Lucy discovers his identity as a spirit and persuades the Celestial Spirit King to reconsider Loke's exile that Loke is allowed to return to the spirit world, saving his life and restoring his former power. He is currently in Lucy's possession as one of her spirit partners, but is still considered a member of Fairy Tail. He is voiced by Daisuke Kishio in Japanese and Eric Vale in English.