Mystogan (ミストガン Misutogan?) is an S-Class wizard introduced as the most mysterious member of Fairy Tail. He refuses to let others see his face, which he covers with bandages, and goes as far as using magic to temporarily put his guildmates to sleep whenever he visits the guild. During the Battle of Fairy Tail, he is shown to be identical in appearance to Jellal Fernandes, which is later explained when he is revealed to be Jellal's counterpart from the parallel universe Edolas, of which he is its prince. As a resident of Edolas, Mystogan is unable to perform magic on his own, instead wielding staffs infused with magic power to cast a wide variety of spells. Despite this, he remains one of the most powerful members of Fairy Tail. He travels Earthland to close interdimensional portals called Anima, which Mystogan's father and the king of Edolas, Faust, uses to steal magical power from Earthland. He encountered Wendy during his travels seven years prior to the series, and later placed her in the care of Roubaul, the founder of the Caitshelter guild. Mystogan returns to Edolas to stop his father's plan by reversing the Anima portals, thus returning the stolen magical power to Earthland. He then leaves Fairy Tail to govern Edolas following Faust's defeat. He is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa in Japanese and Robert McCollum in English.